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Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO

Rich has twenty years experience in information security, physical security, and risk management. He specializes in data security, application security, emerging security technologies, and security management. Prior to founding Securosis, Rich was a Research Vice President at Gartner on the security team where he also served as research co-chair for the Gartner Security Summit. Prior to his seven years at Gartner, Rich worked as an independent consultant, web application developer, software development manager at the University of Colorado, and systems and network administrator. Rich is the Security Editor of TidBITS, a monthly columnist for Dark Reading, and a frequent contributor to publications ranging from Information Security Magazine to Macworld. He is a frequent industry speaker at events including the RSA Security Conference and DefCon, and has spoken on every continent except Antarctica (where he’s happy to speak for free – assuming travel is covered).

Prior to his technology career, Rich also worked as a security director for major events such as football games and concerts. He was a bouncer at the age of 19, weighing about 135 lbs (wet). Rich has worked or volunteered as a paramedic, firefighter, and ski patroller at a major resort (on a snowboard); and spent over a decade with Rocky Mountain Rescue. He currently serves as a responder on a federal disaster medicine and terrorism response team, where he mostly drives a truck and lifts heavy objects. He has a black belt, but does not play golf. Rich can be reached at rmogull (at) securosis (dot) com.

Disrupt:Ops: Why Everyone Automates in Cloud

By Rich
Why Everyone Automates in Cloud If you see me speaking about cloud it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll eventually say: Cloud security starts with architecture and ends with automation. I’m nothing if not repetitive. This isn’t just a quip, it’s based on working heavily in cloud for nearly a decade with organizations of all size. The one consistency I see over and over is that once organizations hit a certain scale they start automating their operations. And every year that line is earlier and earlier in their cloud journey. I know it because first I lived

Disrupt:Ops: What Security Managers Need to Know About Amazon S3 Exposures (2/2)

By Rich
What Security Managers Need to Know About Amazon S3 Exposures (2/2) Our first Disrupt:Ops post discussed how exposure of S3 data becomes such a problem, with some details on how buckets become public in the first place. This post goes a bit deeper, before laying a foundation for how to manage S3 to avoid these mistakes yourself.

Disrupt:Ops: What Security Managers Need to Know About Amazon S3 Exposures (1/2)

By Rich
As we spin up Disrupt:OPS we are beginning to post cloud-specific content over there, mixing theory with practical how-to guidance. Not to worry! We have plenty of content still planned for Securosis. But we haven’t added any staff at Securosis so there is only so much we can write. In the meantime, linking to non-product posts from Securosis should help ensure you don’t lose sleep over missing even a single cloud-related blog entry. So here’s #1 from the Disrupt:Ops hit parade! What Security Managers Need to Know About Amazon S3 Exposures (1/2) The accidental (or deliberate) exposure

Firestarter: Hardware Hacks and Lift and Pray

By Rich
Did China manage to hardware hack the Apple and Amazon data centers? Or did Bloomberg get it wrong? And what the heck can you do about it anyway? This week we start with a discussion of today’s blockbuster security news, before shifting gears back to cloud. It turns out most organizations are having to lift and shift to cloud, even when that is not ideal. We talk about some of your options, even in the face of ridiculous management timelines. Watch or listen:

Firestarter: Advanced Persistent Tenacity

By Rich
Mike and Rich discuss the latest Wired piece in Notpetya and how advanced attacks, despite the hype, are very much still alive and well. These days you might be a victim not because you are targeted, but because you are a pivot to a target or share some underlying technology. As a new Apache Struts vulnerability rolls out, we thought it a good time to re-address some fundamentals and evaluate the real risks of both widespread and targeted attacks. Watch or listen:

Firestarter: Black Hat and AI… What Could Go Wrong?

By Rich
In this episode we review the lessons of this year’s Black Hat and DEF CON. In particular, we talk about how things have changed with the students we have in class, now that we’ve racked up over 5 years of running trainings on cloud security. then we delve into one of the biggest, and most confusing, trends… the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Considering our opinions of natural intelligence, you might guess where this heads… Watch or listen:

Firestarter: It’s a GDPR Thing

By Rich
Mike and Rich discuss the ugly reality that GDPR really is a thing. Not that privacy or even GDPR are bad (we’re all in favor), but they do require extra work on our part to ensure that policies are in place, audits are performed, and pesky data isn’t left lying around in log files unexpectedly. Watch or listen:

The Security Profession Needs to Adopt Just Culture

By Rich
Yesterday Twitter revealed they had accidentally stored plain-text passwords in some log files. There was no indication the data was accessed and users were warned to update their passwords. There was no known breach, but Twitter went public anyway, and was excoriated in the press and… on Twitter. This is a problem for our profession and industry. We get locked into a cycle where any public disclosure of a breach or security mistake results in: People ripping the organization apart on social media without knowing the facts. Vendors issuing press releases claiming their product would have prevented the issue, without

Firestarter: The RSA 2018 Episode

By Rich
This week Rich, Mike, and Adrian talk about what they expect to see at the RSA Security Conference, and if it really means anything. As we do in most of our RSA Conference related discussions the focus is less on what to see and more on what industry trends we can tease out, and the potential impact on the regular security practitioner. For example, what happens when blockchain and GDPR collide? Do security vendors finally understand cloud? What kind of impact does DevOps have on the security market? Plus we list where you can find us, and, as always, don
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