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RSA: the Only Difference Between a Rut and a Grave Is the Depth

By Melissa
I think Rich may still be sleep deprived, but on the upside his recap did elicit my loudest laugh of the day. See if you can spot the sentence that caused it. Rich’s Recap I wish I had something witty and insightful to say about the first full day of RSA, but that would involve actually seeing more of the show than my own presentations and the insides of meeting rooms. And while it’s technically the first day of the conference, it’s my third day of entirely too much talking and walking. So here are a few

RSA: We Now Go Live to Our Reporters on the Scene

By Melissa
It’s worth noting that even sleep-deprived Rich is surprisingly coherent. Rich While the RSA show technically doesn’t start until tomorrow, there’s still a heck of a lot going on. For myself, the worst is actually over. And by “the worst”, I mean there are even odds I will actually sleep tonight. It all started yesterday when we delivered the very first CCSK certification class for the Cloud Security Alliance. I learned three things in the process: Managing other analysts on a project sucks major @$$. We totally need 2 days to cover this content. Heck, with our current slide