SecurityRatty Is A Slimy, Content-Stealing Thief

By Rich

Like most other security blogs in the world, my content is regularly abused by a particular site that just shovels out my posts as if it was theirs. This is an experiment to see if they bother reading what they steal.

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While I agree with your point (the site is obviously trying to profit off other people’s work), anyone (aka bloggers) who puts information/thoughts/comments on the net then complains about someone else using it or inappropriately using it is wasting their time…its out on the net and you put it there!  All security professionals should know that the net is for obtaining (stealing) information, warez and pr0n and not for making sure that people’s rights and IP are protected.


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Glenn nailed it- Ratty re-uses content in its entirety, doesn’‘t do anything other than refeed other’s content, and sells ads around it. Even if it snagged snippets and titles, then linked back to the main content, I wouldn’‘t have a problem.

I’‘ll go put up another post to clarify why I consider this theft, vs. the usual blogosphere connectivity.

By rmogull

I’‘ve been trying to figure out a good way to do that myself; would be nice since a new one started today.

By rmogull

I have meant to track down the IP address for such thieves and feed them "WE ARE GIANT M_F_ING C_SUCKERS" text and graphics. But what if I get the IP address wrong?

By Glenn Fleishman

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