Research Papers

White Paper: Endpoint Security Fundamentals

By Mike Rothman

Endpoint Security is a pretty broad topic. Most folks associate it with traditional anti-virus or even the newfangled endpoint security suites. In our opinion, looking at the issue just from the perspective of the endpoint agent is myopic. To us, endpoint security is as much a program as anything else.

In this paper we discuss endpoint security from a fundamental blocking and tackling perspective. We start with identifying the exposures and prioritizing remediation, then discuss specific security controls (both process and product), and also cover the compliance and incident response aspects.

Understanding and Selecting a Database Encryption or Tokenization Solution

By Rich

This paper includes descriptions of major database encryption and tokenization technologies, a decision tree to help determine which type of encryption is best for you, and example use cases drawn from real world deployments.

If you are considering any database encryption or tokenization project, this paper should save you hours of research and architecture development time.

Low Hanging Fruit: Quick Wins with Data Loss Prevention (V2.0)

By Rich

Two of the most common criticisms of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that comes up in user discussions are a) its complexity and b) the fear of false positives. Security professionals worry that DLP is an expensive widget that will fail to deliver the expected value – turning into yet another black hole of productivity. But when used properly DLP provides rapid assessment and identification of data security issues not available with any other technology.

We don’t mean to play down the real complexities you might encounter as you roll out a complete data protection program. Business use of information is itself complicated, and no tool designed to protect that data can simplify or mask the underlying business processes. But there are steps you can take to obtain significant immediate value and security gains without blowing your productivity or wasting important resources.

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