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Network Security Ops Quant Metrics Model

By Mike Rothman

As described in the Network Security Operations (NSO) Quant report, for each process we determined a set of metrics to quantify the cost of performing the activity. We designed the metrics to be as intuitive as possible while still capturing the necessary level of detail. The model collects an inclusive set of potential network security operations metrics, and as with each specific process we strongly encourage you to use what makes sense for your own environment.

So where do you get started?

Network Security Operations Quant Report

By Mike Rothman

The lack of credible and relevant network security metrics has been a thorn in the side of security practitioners for years. We don’t know how to define success. We don’t know how to communicate value. And ultimately, we don’t even know what we should be tracking operationally to show improvement – or failure – in our network security activities. The Network Security Operations (NSO) Quant research project was initiated to address these issues.

Understanding and Selecting a DLP Solution

By Rich

Data Loss Prevention has matured considerably since the first version of this report three years ago. Back then, the market was dominated by startups with only a couple major acquisitions by established security companies. The entire market was probably smaller than the leading one or two providers today. Even the term ‘DLP’ was still under debate, with a menagerie of terms like Extrusion Prevention, Anti-Data Leakage, and Information Loss Protection still in use (leading us to wonder who, exactly, wants to protect information loss?).

While we have seen maturation of the products, significant acquisitions by established security firms, and standardization on the term DLP, in many ways today’s market is even more confusing than a few years ago. As customer interest in DLP increased, competitive and market pressures diluted the term – with everyone from encryption tool vendors to firewall companies claiming they prevented “data leakage”. In some cases, aspects of ‘real’ DLP have been added to other products as value-add features. And all along the core DLP tools continued to evolve and combine, expanding their features and capabilities.

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