Research Papers

Security Analytics Team of Rivals

By Mike Rothman

This paper focuses on how to align your security monitoring technologies with new security analytics alternatives to better identify attacks, which we can all agree is sorely needed.

Securing SAP Cloud Environments

By Adrian Lane

Migrating Hana and other SAP applications to a cloud environments is a complicated process, even with the tools and services SAP provides. For many organizations security was primary barrier to adoption. But SAP and other cloud service vendors have closed many security gaps, so now we can trust that the environment and applications are at least as secure as an on-premise installation – provided you leverage appropriate security models for the cloud. But that’s where we often see a breakdown: enterprises are not taking sufficient advantage of cloud security. Additionally, because there is no single model for SAP cloud security, transitioning other business applications to the cloud often results in greater cost, less scalability, and decreased security. From the paper:

Assembling A Container Security Program

By Adrian Lane

IT and Security teams lack visibility into containers and have trouble validating them – both before placing them into production, and when running in production. Their peers on the development team are often disinterested in security, and cannot be bothered to provide reports and metrics. This is essentially the same problem we have for application security in general: the people responsible for the code are not incentivized to make security their problem, and the people who need to know what’s going on lack visibility.

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