Research Papers

Scaling Network Security

By Mike Rothman

With the continuing insatiable demand for network bandwidth, networks continue growing to address that demand every year, which stresses our ability to protect them. But network security solutions still need to inspect and enforce policies, regardless of how fast the network gets. Looking for attack patterns on today’s networks requires an entirely different amount of computing power than it did in the old days. So an essential requirement is to ensure that your network security controls can keep pace with network bandwidth. In this Scaling Network Security paper, we will look at where secure networking started and why it needs to change. We present requirements for today’s networks which take you into the future. Finally, we wrap up the paper with some architectural constructs that can help scale up your network security controls.

Evolving to Security Decision Support

By Mike Rothman

With the continued challenge of detecting attacks and the increasing focus on detection and response, it’s time to take a step back and make sure that the efforts (and investments) are done with an eye towards a more strategic means of making decisions about how to allocate scarce security resources and which alerts need which priority. In this paper, we present our ideas around achieving true enterprise visibility, what role analytics plays in the decision making process, and finally how to Evolve to Security Decision Support.

Complete Guide to Enterprise Container Security

By Adrian Lane

Our newest paper, A Complete Guide to Enterprise Container Security, is a full update of our previous research on container security. A lot has happened over the last 18 months, which prompted a significant rewrite of our original content. As more organizations accept that containers are now the common media for applications, the platform focus is shifting to containers, with steps taken at each stage of the container lifecycle to ensure what actually goes into production is fully tested.

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