Research Video

re:Invent Yourself (or else)

By Rich

A bit over a week ago we were all out at Amazon’s big cloud conference, which is now up to 19,000 attendees. Once again it got us thinking as to how quickly the world is changing, and the impact it will have on our profession. Now that big companies are rapidly adopting public cloud (and they are), that change is going to hit even faster than ever before. In this episode the Securosis team lays out some of what that means, and how now is the time to get on board.

MAD Karma

By Rich

Way back in 2004 Rich ignited the wrath or Oracle by writing a note at Gartner warning about their security practices. Now the circle is complete thanks to a yanked blog post by Oracle’s CISO. Yeah, we have fun with this one.

Living with the OPM Hack

By Rich

It looks like the employment and security records of nearly every federal employee and contractor are now in the hands of… well… someone.

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