No More Flat Networks

By Mike Rothman
As I continue working through the nuances of my 2011 research agenda, I’ve been throwing trial balloons at anyone and everyone I can. I posted an initial concept I called Vaults within Vaults and got some decent feedback. At this point, I’ve got a working concept for the philosophies we’ll need to embrace to stand a chance moving forward. As the Vaults concept describes, we need to segment our networks to provide some roadblocks to prevent unfettered access to our most sensitive information. The importance of this is highlighted in PCI, which means none of this is novel –

Criminal Key Management Fail

By Rich
Lin Mun Poo of Malaysia sounds like a pretty bad-ass criminal hacker. He cracked into the Federal Reserve, and snagged hundreds of thousands of card numbers from a bank in Cleveland. But perhaps his intellectual skills don’t extend quite as far as they should for criminal survival. The article describes how he was nabbed selling card numbers in Brooklyn a few hours after landing at Kennedy airport. If you’re a conspiracy nut, the following sentence might indicate the government has some secret master key to crack your encryption: The stolen card numbers were found on his encrypted laptop

Friday Summary: November 19, 2010

By Adrian Lane
I got distracted by email. The Friday Summary was going to be about columnar databases. I think. Maybe it’s the flu I have had all week, or my memory is going, or just perhaps the subject was not all that interesting to begin with. But the email that distracted me was kind of funny and kinda sad. A former friend and co-worker contacted me for the first time is something like 10 years. Out of the blue. The gist of the email was he was being harassed by someone with threatening emails. After a while he started to worry and

Datum Entanglement

By Rich
I’m hanging out in the Red Carpet Club at the Orlando airport, waiting to head home from the Cloud Security Alliance Congress. Yesterday Chris Hoff and I presented a three part series – first our joint presentation on disruptive innovation and cloud computing (WINnovation), then his awesome presentation on cloud computing infrastructure security issues (and more: Cloudinomicon), and finally Quantum Datum, my session on information-centric security for cloud computing. It was one of the most complex presentations I’ve ever put together in terms of content and delivery, and the feedback was pretty positive, with a few things I need

Incite 11/17/2010: Hitting for Average

By Mike Rothman
We all need some way to measure ourselves. Are we doing better? Worse? Are we winning or losing? What game are we playing again? It’s all about this mentality of needing to beat the average. I hate it. What is average anyway? We took the kids in for their well checkups over the past week. XX1 is average. Hovering around 50% in height and weight. XX2 is pretty close to average as well. But the Boy is small. Relative to what? Other kids just turning 7? Why do I care again? Will the girlies not dig him if he’s not

Rethinking Security

By Mike Rothman
Security is broken. Captain Obvious here. We all know that but it doesn’t really help, does it? I came across a good post by Bobby Dominguez, who I met through Shimmy (but I won’t hold that against Bobby), which talks about rethinking security. To provide the proper context check out this excerpt, which beautifully highlights our futility: While all good security practitioners employ risk management techniques to protect the enterprise, we still can only get funding as an after-the-fact remediation. When we do get mitigation funding we deploy technologies that reduce impact or the likelihood of an event

What You Need to Know about DLP for PCI 2.0

By Rich
As I mentioned in my PCI 2.0 post, one of the new version’s most significant changes is that organizations now must not only confirm that they know where all their cardholder data is, but document how they know this and keep it up to date between assessments. You can do this manually, for now, but I suspect that won’t work except in the most basic environments. The rest of you will probably be looking at using Data Loss Prevention for content discovery. Why DLP? Because it’s the only technology I know of that can accurately and effectively gather

Incident Response Fundamentals: Mop up, Analyze, and QA

By Rich
You did well. You followed your incident response plan and the fire is out. Too bad that was the easy part, and you now get to start the long journey from ending a crisis all the way back to normal. If we get back to our before, during, and after segmentation, this is the ‘after’ part. In the vast majority of incidents the real work begins after the immediate incident is over, when you’re faced with the task of returning operations to status quo ante, finding out the root cause of the problem, and putting controls in place to

Friday Summary: November 11, 2010

By Rich
When we came up with the Friday Summary, the idea was we’d share something personal that was either humorous or relevant to security, then highlight our content from the week, the best thing’s we read on other sites, and any major industry news. The question is always where to draw the line on the personal stuff. I mean, it isn’t like this is Twitter. Hopefully this next story doesn’t cross the line. It’s not too personal, but especially for those of you with kids, it might bring a smile. This morning I was getting my 2

LinkedIn Password Reset FAIL

By Mike Rothman
It’s never a good day when you lose control over a significant account. First, it goes to show that none of us are perfect and we can all be pwned as a matter of course, regardless of how careful we are. This story has a reasonably happy ending, but there are still important lessons. Obviously the folks at Facebook and Twitter take head shots every week about privacy/security issues. LinkedIn has largely gone unscathed. But truth be told, LinkedIn is more important to me than Facebook, and it’s close to Twitter. I have a bunch of connections
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