Incite 10/6/2010: The Answer is 42

By Mike Rothman
One of my favorite passages in literature is when Douglas Adams proclaims the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything to be 42 in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Of course, we don’t know the Ultimate Question. Details. This week I plan to discover he was right as I finish my 42nd year on the planet. That seems old. It’s a big number. But I don’t feel old. In fact, I feel like a big kid. Sometimes I look at my own kids and my house and snicker a bit. Can you

Monitoring up the Stack: App Monitoring, Part 2

By Gunnar
In the last post on application monitoring, we looked at why applications are an essential “context provider” and interesting data source for SIEM/Log Management analysis. In this post, we’ll examine how to get started with the application monitoring process, and how to integrate that data into your existing SIEM/Log Management environment. Getting Started with Application Monitoring As with any new IT effort, its important to remember that it’s People, Process and Technology – in that order. If your organization has a Build Security in software security regime in place, then you can leverage those resources and tools

Friday Summary: September 30, 2010

By Rich
So you might have heard there’s this thing called ‘Stuxnet’. I was thinking it’s like the new Facebook or something. Or maybe more like Twitter, since the politicians seem to like it, except Sarah Palin who is totally more into Facebook. Anyway, that’s what I thought until I realized Stuxnet must be a person. Some really bad dude with some serious frequent flier miles – they seem to be all over Iran, China, and India. (Which isn’t easy – I had to get visas for the last two and even a rush job takes 2-3 days unless you

Monitoring up the Stack: Application Monitoring, Part 1

By Gunnar
As we continue to investigate additional data sources to make our monitoring more effective, let’s now turn our attention to applications. At first glance, many security practitioners may think applications have little to offer SIEM and Log Management systems. After all, applications are built on mountains of custom code and security and development teams often lack a shared collaborative approach for software security. However, application monitoring for security should not be dismissed out of hand. Closed-minded security folks miss the fact that applications offer an opportunity to resolve some of the key challenges to monitoring. How? It comes back

Monitoring up the Stack: DAM, part 2

By Adrian Lane
The odds are, if you already have a SIEM/Log Management platform in place, you already look at some database audit logs. So why would you consider DAM in addition? The real question when thinking about how far up the stack (and where) to go with your monitoring strategy, is whether adding database activity monitoring data will help with threat detection and other security efforts. To answer that question, consider that DAM collects important events which are not in log files, provides real-time analysis and detection of database attacks, and blocks dangerous queries from reaching the database. These three features

A Wee Bit on DLP SaaS

By Rich
Here’s some more content that’s going into the updated version of Understanding and Selecting a Data Loss Prevention Solution (hopefully out next week). Every now and then I get questions on DLP SaaS, so here’s what I’m seeing now… DLP Software as a Service (SaaS) Although there aren’t currently any completely SaaS-based DLP services available – due to the massive internal integration requirements for network, endpoint, and storage coverage – some early SaaS offerings are available for limited DLP deployments. Due to the ongoing interest in cloud and SaaS in general, we also expect to see new

Understanding DLP Solutions, “DLP Light”, and DLP Features

By Rich
I’m nearly done with a major revision to the very first whitepaper I published here at Securosis: Understanding and Selecting a Data Loss Prevention Solution, and one of the big additions is an expanded section talking about DLP integration and “DLP Light” solutions. Here is my draft of that content, and I wonder if I’m missing anything major: DLP Features and Integration with Other Security Products Up until now we have mostly focused on describing aspects of dedicated DLP solutions, but we also see increasing interest in DLP Light tools for four main use cases: Organizations who turn

Incite 9/29/2010: Reading Is Fundamental

By Mike Rothman
For those of you with young kids, the best practice is to spend some time every day reading to them. so they learn to love books. When our kids were little, we dutifully did that, but once XX1 got proficient she would just read by herself. What did she need us for? She has inhaled hundreds of books, but none resonate like Harry Potter. She mowed through each Potter book in a matter of days, even the hefty ones at the end of the series. And she’s read each one multiple times. In fact, we had to remove the

NSO Quant: The End is Near!

By Mike Rothman
As mentioned last week, we’ve pulled the NSO Quant posts out of the main feed because the volume was too heavy. So I have been doing some cross-linking to let you who don’t follow that feed know when new stuff appears over there. Well, at long last, I have finished all the metrics posts. The final post is … (drum roll, please): NSO Quant: Health Metrics – Device Health I’ve also put together a comprehensive index post, basically because I needed a single location to find all the work that went into the NSO Quant process. Check it out,

Attend the Securosis/SearchSecurity Data Security Event on Oct 26

By Rich
We may not run our own events, but we managed to trick the folks at Information Security Magazine/SearchSecurity into letting us take over the content at the Insider Data Threats seminar in San Francisco. The reason this is so cool is that it allowed us to plan out an entire day of data-protection goodness with a series of interlocked presentations that build directly on each other. Instead of a random collection from different presenters on different topics, all our sessions build together to provide deep actionable advice. And did I mention it’s free? Mike Rothman and I will
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