Acquisition Doesn’t Mean Commoditization

By David Mortman
There has been plenty of discussion of what HP’s recent acquisition of Fortify means in terms of commoditization and consolidation in the market. The reality is that most acquisitions by large vendors are about covering perceived holes in their product line. In other words this is really just the market acknowledging the legitimacy of the product or feature set. Don’t get me wrong – legitimization is very important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean either consolidation or commoditization, though they both indicate some level of legitimization. Commoditization is actually at odds with consolidation. Like legitimization, they are both important

Incite 8/18/2010: Smokey and the Speed Gun

By Mike Rothman
What ever happened to the human touch? And personal service? Those seem to be hallmarks of days gone by. It’s too bad. Since I don’t like people, I tend not to develop relationships with my bankers or pharmacists or clergy – or pretty much anyone, come to think of it. But I guess a lot of other people did and they likely miss that person to person interaction. Why do I bring this up? On my journey to the Northern regions earlier this summer, I passed through Washington DC on our way to the beach in Delaware. I hardly

HP (Finally) Acquires Fortify

By Adrian Lane
One of the great things about Twitter and iChat is their ability to fuel the rumor mill. The back-office chatter for the last couple months, both within and outside Securosis, has been about rumors of HP buying Fortify Software. So we weren’t surprised when HP announced this morning that they are acquiring Fortify Software for an “undisclosed sum.” Well, not publicly disclosed anyway. In our best KGB voice, “Ve have vays of making dem talk.” And talk they did. If you are not up to speed on Fortify, the core of their offering is “white box” application testing software.

Tokenization: Selection Criteria

By Adrian Lane
To wrap up our Understanding and Selecting a Tokenization Solution series, we now focus on the selection criteria. If you are looking at tokenization we can assume you want to reduce the exposure of sensitive data while saving some money by reducing security requirements across your IT operation. While we don’t want to oversimplify the complexity of tokenization, the selection process itself is fairly straightforward. Ultimately there are just a handful of questions you need to address: Does this meet my business requirements? Is it better to use an in-house application or choose a service provider? Which applications need

Friday Summary: August 13, 2010

By Rich
A couple days ago I was talking with the masters swim coach I’ve started working with (so I will, you know, drown less) and we got to that part of the relationship where I had to tell him what I do for a living. Not that I’ve ever figured out a good answer to that questions, but I muddled through. Once he found out I worked in infosec he started ranting, as most people do, about all the various spam and phishing he has to deal with. Aside from wondering why anyone would run those scams (easily answered

Gunnar Peterson Joins Securosis As a Contributing Analyst

By Rich
We are ridiculously excited to announce that Gunnar Peterson is the newest member of Securosis, joining us as a Contributing Analyst. For those who don’t remember, our Contributor program is our way of getting to work with extremely awesome people without asking them to quit their day jobs (contributors are full members of the team and covered under our existing contracts/NDAs, but aren’t full time). Gunnar joins David Mortman and officially doubles our Contributing Analyst team. Gunnar’s primary coverage areas are identity and access management, large enterprise applications, and application development. Plus anything else he wants,

Identity and Access Management Commoditization: a Tale of Two Cities

By Gunnar
Identity and access management are generally 1) staffed out of the same IT department, 2) sold in vendor suites, and 3) covered by the same analysts. So this naturally lumps them together in people’s minds. However, their capabilities are quite different. Even though identity and access management capabilities are frequently bought as a package, what identity management and access management offer an enterprise are quite distinct. More importantly, successfully implementing and operating these tools requires different organizational models. Yesterday, Adrian discussed commoditization vs. innovation, where commoditization means more features, lower prices, and wider availability. Today I would like to explore where we

Incite 8/11/2010: No Goal!

By Mike Rothman
The Boss is a saint. Besides putting up with me every day, she recently reconnected with a former student of hers. She taught him in 5th grade and now the kid is 23. He hasn’t had the opportunities that I (or the Boss) had, and she is working with him to help define what he wants to do with his life and the best way to get there. This started me thinking about my own perspectives on goals and achievement. I’m in the middle of a pretty significant transition relative to goal setting and my entire definition of success.

Tokenization: Use Cases, Part 3

By Adrian Lane
Not every use case for tokenization involves PCI-DSS. There are equally compelling implementation options, several for personally identifiable information, that illustrate different ways to deploy token services. Here we will describe how tokens are used to replace Social Security numbbers in human resources applications. These services must protect the SSN during normal use by employees and third party service providers, while still offering authorized access for Human Resources personnel, as well as payroll and benefits services. In our example an employee uses an HR application to review benefits information and make adjustments to their own account. Employees using the system

The Yin and Yang of Security Commoditization

By Adrian Lane
Continuing our thread on commoditization, I want to extend some of Rich’s thoughts on commoditization and apply them to back-office data center products. In all honesty I did not want to write this post, as I thought it was more of a philosophical FireStarter with little value to end users. But as I thought about it I realized that some of these concepts might help people make better buying decisions, especially the “we need to solve this security problem right now!” crowd. Commoditization vs. Innovation In sailboat racing there is a concept called ‘covering’. The idea is that you
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