The Rumor Is True ... I’m Joining Rich At Securosis.

By Adrian Lane

Believe it or not, I’m going to work with Rich Mogull at Securosis. Worse yet, I’m excited about it!

On the outside looking in, Rich and I have dissimilar backgrounds. I have been working in product development and IT over the last ten years, and Rich has been an analyst and market strategist. But during the four years I have known Rich, we have shown an uncanny similarity in our views on data security across the board. We are both tech guys at the core, and have independently arrived at the same ideas and conclusions about security and what it will look like in the years to come.

As our backgrounds are both diverse and complementary, my joining Securosis will facilitate taking on additional clients and slowly expand the types of services provided. I will contribute to strategy, evaluations, architecture, and end-user guidance, as well as projects that involve more “hands-on” assistance. I will also be making contributions to the Blog on a regular basis as well.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to working with Rich on a daily basis. And yes, before Amrit Williams has a chance to ask, I am a card carrying NAHMLA (North American Hoff-Mogull Love Association) member. We may even sell Polo Shirts on the web site.

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Congrats on your new position, Adrian!

By aingram

No way- I’‘m way better looking then either Adrian or Hoff. Although Adrian’s hair might give me a run for the money, but that’s an autonomous organism.

By rmogull

Um, Rich.. does your wife know you will be the Mr Furley in this odd Three’s Company thing?

By Greg

Well, congrats.

I wish everything of the best to the two of you.

By Allen Baranov

Adrian, congratulations! The rumors have even reached these shores, and I was wondering what your next move will be. Looking forward to reading your insights.

By Rani

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