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Malware Analysis Quant: Index of Posts

Here is the complete list of posts in the Malware Analysis Quant research project. Enjoy…

The Malware Analysis Process

Process Map, Draft 1: Check out how we started the project – it’s always interesting to see how the research evolves as we work through it.

Process Descriptions

  1. Confirm Infection
  2. Build Testbed
  3. Static Analysis
  4. Dynamic Analysis
  5. The Malware Profile
  6. Defining Rules
  7. Find Infected Devices
  8. Remediate
  9. Monitoring for Reinfection

Updated Process Map and Process Descriptions Paper


By the way, the survey is still open and will be for the next 4-5 months. We’ll take another run at driving up responses in August/September, but in the meantime feel free to fill it out if you haven’t already.

Metrics Posts

  1. Metrics – Confirm Infection
  2. Metrics – Build Testbed
  3. Metrics – Static Analysis
  4. Metrics – Dynamic Analysis
  5. Metrics – The Malware Profile
  6. Metrics – Defining Rules
  7. Metrics – Find Infected Devices
  8. Metrics – Remediate
  9. Metrics – Monitoring for Reinfection

—Mike Rothman

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