Crisis Communications

By Rich

Okay, we have content in this thing. We promise. But we can’t stop staring at our new title video sequence. I mean, just look at it!

This week Rich, Mike, and Adrian discuss Target, Snapchat, RSA, and why no one can get crisis communications correct.

Sorry we hit technical difficulties with the live Q&A Friday, but we think we have the kinks worked out (I’d blame Mike if I were inclined to point fingers). Our plan is to record Friday again – keep an eye on our Google+ page for the details.


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I guess it’s human nature, but it always surprises me to see organizations repeat the same mistakes we all just watched somebody else make. It’s almost like somebody slipped a “Best Practices in Crisis Communications” dust jacket over a million copies of “Best Ways to Kill Your Reputation” and sold ‘em all.

By Bert Knabe

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