SecurosisTV: Low Hanging Fruit - Endpoint Security

By Mike Rothman

We’re happy to post the next SecurosisTV episode, in which yours truly goes through the Low Hanging Fruit of Endpoint Security. This is a pretty high-level view of the 7 different tactics (discussed in much more detail in the post), intended to give you a quick (6 minute) perspective on how to improve endpoint security posture with minimal effort.

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See it on YouTube:

Yes, we know embedding a video is not NoScript friendly, so for each video we will also include a direct link to the page on and on YouTube. We just figure most of you are as lazy as we are, and will appreciate not having to leave our site.

We’re also learning a lot about video production with each episode we do. Any comments you have on the video would be much appreciated. Whether it’s valuable, what we can do to improve the quality (besides getting new talent), and any other feedback you may have.

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