The premier independent cloud security training programs from the team that built the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK class

Master the Fundamentals with the CCSK

Securosis Project Accelerators (SPA) are packaged consulting offerings to bring our applied research and battle-tested field experiences to your cloud deployments. These in-depth programs combine assessment, tailored workshops, and ongoing support to ensure you can secure your cloud projects better and faster. They are designed to cut months or years off your projects while integrating leading-edge cloud security practices into your existing operations.

Level up with Advanced Cloud Security and Applied SecDevOps

Our premier class provides the advanced skills you need to operate in the cloud at the speed of DevOps. Composed mostly of practical labs that emulate real production requirements, this demanding course will completely change how you practice cloud security. It includes everything from advanced cloud networking architectures to automating security and integrating with continuous deployment pipelines.

Custom, in-house training designed for your team

Want a mix of basic and advanced material? Want the class to incorporate your specific projects or product portfolio? Securosis will mix and match our training material and industry-leading research to meet your needs and can even integrate training with our Cloud Security Project Accelerators (link to that page) and other programs.

Tune the training for different skills
What You Need to Know

How to prepare for Securosis training:

Pre-Class Assessment

For private classes we will work with your team to customize the content, evaluate your current initiatives, and ensure the training environment will support the labs.

Training Requirements

For all our classes students will need their own Amazon Web Services account and a computer and network able to log into the AWS website and make SSH connections. Depending on the class we may send additional requirements.


Securosis will send students instructions to prepare for the training by creating their AWS account and launching and connecting to their first instance.


Our advanced classes really are advanced. We recommend a solid background in security fundamentals and basic scripting and coding skills. Too much? Don’t worry, we can tune the content or extend the training to give you more time.

Independent, Pragmatic Training for Different Needs

Our training covers the entire spectrum of cloud security needs – from learning the fundamentals, to starting on your certification, to advanced concepts you can put into practice immediately. All of it is based on our industry-leading objective research and programs are continuously updated to stay current.

Although most of our labs are on AWS, Securosis is completely independent of any cloud provider or security vendor so you are assured to get the best, most objective answers.

Cloud Security Hands-On (CCSK-Plus Advanced)

Cloud Security Hands-On (CCSK-Plus Advanced) This course provides a solid foundation in cloud security, and includes a full day of hands-on labs to apply the principles in practice. It also includes new, expanded material for advanced students. We cover all the material needed to pass the Cloud Security Alliance Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) exam, but add a pragmatic approach to immediate kick start your cloud security projects. We also add expanded material to show you how to take cloud security to the next level by leveraging DevOps techniques and the characteristics of the cloud.

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Advanced Cloud Security and Applied SecDevOps

Real-world cloud security is most definitely not business as usual. The fundamental abstraction and automation used to build cloud platforms upends much of how we implement security. The same principles may apply, but how they apply is dramatically different, especially at enterprise scale.

This highly technical course expands off the basics of our Cloud Security Hands on Training and delves deep into practical cloud security and applied SecDevOps, which is really the only way to survive when operating in the cloud. It focuses completely on Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, and will not cover Software as a Service. The training is laser focused on technology, and will not cover policies, risk, or governance issues except as they come up in passing.

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