Custom Research And Consulting

Custom Research And Consulting

Individualized research and advisory services for your unique needs delivered by some of the most experienced analysts in the security industry.

Pragmatic Analysis for Measurable Results

Our analyst team has decades of experience in the security industry, including stints in senior positions at Gartner and the Meta Group. We know you need outcomes-driven research and advice that’s laser focused on achieving results. All our programs combine real-world experience with up to date research to help you get your job done better and faster.

On-Site Strategy Days

Private, on-site sessions with an industry-leading research analyst and a custom agenda. These days are extremely flexible and a great way to accelerate projects with a subject matter expert or for those times you need outside validation but not necessarily a long-term engagement. We will leave you with an actionable plan and the background knowledge to successfully implement it. We can help with product selection, security strategy, product and market strategy (for vendors), or helping you identify and improve your security program.

Custom Research, Speaking, and Advisory Projects

Need a custom research report on a new technology or security issue? A highly-rated speaker for an internal or public security event? An outside expert for a merger or acquisition due diligence? An expert to evaluate your security strategy, identify gaps, and build a roadmap forward? These defined projects bridge the gap when you need more than a strategy day but less than a long-term consulting engagement.

Coaching and Vendor Retainers
A Range of Effective Programs

Prior engagments have included:

Data Security Strategy Day

A financial institution lacked a comprehensive data security strategy, including how to deploy multiple existing technologies and select a DLP solution. Securosis quickly realized their data security issues were actually the result of foundational security gaps and helped plan a long-term remediation roadmap.


Our analysts frequently speak at vendor roadshows, but we always use only completely objective, independent content. Topics have included the latest research on network and endpoint security, DevSecOps and secure application development, security management, and the future of the security.

New Product

An existing security vendor expanding to cloud brought us in to evauluate their new product and determine where it fit in the market. We dug into the architecture and identified some weaknesses due to the advent of serverless computing, while also repositioning marketing materials and sales plans for a more-complex buying process.

Private Security Workshop

This enterprise engaged us to present at their private, internal security training where we could discuss sensitive issues under NDA. Organizations have used this model for custom training, multiple-team workshops, or even a series of private webcasts.