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We think it's important to keep our hands dirty with technology.

We think it’s important to keep our hands dirty with technology.

As analysts it is all too easy to fall into the trap of losing technical skills and start relying only on what people tell you. Some of this work is for clients and has to remain confidential, but on occasion we are able to release the results or talk about them in public. Securosis Labs is the home for these projects.



Trinity is an in-development product for cloud security automation and orchestration. The current version is based on two years of research and two years of development effort. Trinity is self funded and about 80% complete. Due to the lack of external funding we do not have a release date but the project is still active. Here is a video demonstrating actual workflows running on a real cloud deployment. There is a little bit of user interface mockup in the first few seconds but the rest of the video is running code, not a merely a visual demo.


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All feedback and contributions are always appreciated.

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