Big Brother’s Price Tag

By Mike Rothman

There is no free lunch. We need to be reminded of that over and over again. Apparently the Australian government wants to mandate telcos store customer data for 2 years. This is ostensibly to combat terrorism.

The telcos don’t like this, so their PR spinsters are talking about how this would cost $500-700M/year, and those costs would be passed onto consumers to the tune of about $100/year. They even referred to this as a “surveillance tax”. FUD-tastic! Got to hand it to those spinsters – they know how to create a frenzy.

FUD-tastic! Big brother for everyone!

Even better, the government is trying to extinguish the flames with calming statements like:

“the public should not be concerned that there’s going to be gross misuse”.

and even better:

“I cannot understand why it is correct for all your privacy to be invaded for a commercial purpose, and not for me to do so to save your life,”

ROFL. It is not okay for our privacy to be invaded by anyone. I guess these guys never learned that two wrongs don’t make a right.

And then they have the voice of reason, who happens to be a dude indicted by the US for leaking info on the NSA. This guy mentions that collecting and retaining all that consumer data creates a huge and irresistible target for hackers. No kidding.

What could possibly go wrong with any of this? At least I got my belly laugh in this Thursday morning.

Photo credit: Shepard Fairey in London: Big Brother Is Watching YOU originally uploaded by tim rich and lesley katon

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