DDoS Attack Overblown

By Rich

Sam Biddle at Gizmodo says:

This guy, Prince said, could back up CloudFlare’s claims. This really was Web Dresden, or something. After an inquiry, I was ready to face vindication. Instead, I received this note from a spokesperson for NTT, one of the backbone operators of the Internet:

“Hey Sam, nice to hear from you.

I’m afraid that we don’t have anything we can share that substantiates global effects. I’m sure you read the same 300gbps figure that I did, and while that’s a massive amount of bandwidth to a single enterprise or service provider, data on global capacities from sources like TeleGeography show lit capacities in the tbps range in most all regions of the world. I side with you questioning if it shook the global internet.


Bad for SpamHaus, but unnoticeable to everyone else.

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Thanks for sharing. There have been no circumstances where DDoS attacks have affected the entire internet, but they’ve certainly stirred up some trouble for giant organisations across the globe. DDoS attacks are happening more often than we’d like to think, and the increase from when the internet was first invented to the present day is phenomenal.

By Karly - Server Space

A matter of perspective, indeed.
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Shaking the entire Internet is hard, but some attacks do get noticed across the entire board.

See my analysis of a DNS DDOS case at

The followup discussion there also has some interesting points.

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By Peter HJ van Eijk

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