Help Me Pick My Next Paper Topic

By Rich

Hey folks,

Just a quick note that I am trying to decide between a few different topics for my next paper. If you have a moment, I could use your opinion.

Which will take no more than 5-15 seconds when you click this link.

The options are:

  • BYOD Security Fundamentals
  • Defending Cloud Data – Encrypting for Dropbox,, and Friends
  • Defending Data in Cloud Infrastructures – IaaS Encryption and Data Security
  • Defending Enterprise Data on Mobile Devices
  • Other (please specify)

I threw it out on Twitter and IaaS encryption took an early lead, which is interesting because I expected it to be BYOD. Thus I decided to double up and push it out through the blog.


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First one has been beaten to deadth, but i would love to see your take on it,which is always refreshing.
But I’ll have to go with “Defending Enterprise Data on Mobile Devices”

By Kiran

All good topics, but my vote is for Defending Enterprise Data on Mobile Devices.

/bias acknowledged

By Ryan

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