Mozilla Project In Open Document Format

By Rich

Due to popular demand, there’s now an OpenOffice format (.ods) file for the Mozilla security metrics project.

You can pick up the file here…

(I have no idea why I didn’t use NeoOffice before- very nice!).

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I’‘ve been using Open Office for years and have never felt the need to get a copy of Microsoft Office. My typical comment is that Open Office isn’‘t mush worse than MS Office, but the price is much better. Of course, I use LaTeX for typesetting, so my word processing needs are modest.

By Jeff Martens

Re: iWork

Just wait until Apple ditches it as they have done with past apps and see where you are - stranded. Imagine that you’‘ll end up with files that you can’‘t access anymore. And, no, converters do not always work.

Office 2007 is an abomiination, but you really need to have Office stuff around. On-line office suites don’‘t get it.

Say, could we have the Mosaic metrics as a text file, please.


By Just you wait

Oh- no way am I sacrificing Office or iWork! I’‘ll just use this for document conversion.

I *like* Office. I think Microsoft did a pretty good job on it. I use iWork just because of Keynote, which I could never get by with without also having PowerPoint.

By rmogull

(I have no idea why I didn’t use NeoOffice before- very nice!).

I’‘ll give a reason.  Stability.  The third, perhaps forth time you lose work due to NeoOffice you will beg for Microsoft Office.  Or at least TextEdit.

By tim

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