The Securosis Guide to RSA 2012

By Rich

Here it is, folks. Weeks of work, and there’s a lot of great information in there even if you aren’t attending the RSA Conference.

We cover all the major areas of security and what you can expect to see this year. It’s really more than a guide to the conference – it also contains many of our guesses on what the next year in security holds.

We hope you like it, and please let us know if you find it useful.


And as a little teaser, here are our food and beverage recommendations:

Dining and Beverage Guide

This year we had a request for some of our favorite places to grab a bite or a drink. After all these years, we hate to admit how much time we have spent grubbing for food around the Moscone center – and this isn’t the only event we attend there. So here is a combination of our own recommendations and tips from friends on Twitter.

Best breakfast that’s a little out of the way: Mo’z Cafe

Best convenient breakfast everyone knows about, but which might be slow: Mel’s Cafe

Best coffee/breakfast/lunch place for quick meetings: The Grove

Best place to have a drunk marketing/PR person buy you a free drink: Lobby bar at W hotel

Close food courts with decent food for lunch: Westfield Center & Metreon

Best Drinks: Burbon and Branch

Easy places to find a party you might not get into: Thirsty Bear, Ruby Skye, & all the hotels immediately around Moscone

Best place to get a good beer even if there’s party upstairs: Thirsty Bear

Fake Mexican place to avoid unless you’re desperate: Chevy’s Fresh Mex

Best Indian: Amber

Best spicy noodle place: Henry’s Hunan

Mike’s personal recommendation: Mitchell Brothers

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