Around the beginning of the year Adrian and I released our big database encryption paper: Understanding and Selecting a Database Encryption or Tokenization Solution. We realized pretty quickly there was no way we could do justice to tokenization in that paper, so we are now excited to release Understanding and Selecting a Tokenization Solution.

In this paper we dig in and cover all the major ins and outs of tokenization. How it works, why you might want to use it, architectural and integration options, and key selection criteria. We also include descriptions of three major use cases… with pretty architectural diagrams. This was a fun project – the more we dug in, the more we learned about the inner workings of these systems and how they affect customers. We were shocked at how such a seemingly simple technology requires all sorts of design tradeoffs, and the different approaches taken by each vendor.

In support of this presentation we are also giving a webcast with the sponsor/licensee, RSA. The webcast is September 28th at 1pm ET, and you can register.

The content was developed independently of sponsorship, using our Totally Transparent Research process.

You can download the PDF directly here, and the paper is also available (without registration) at RSA. Since they were so nice as to help feed my kid without mucking with the content, please pay them a visit to learn more about their offerings.