As mentioned last week, we’ve pulled the NSO Quant posts out of the main feed because the volume was too heavy. So I have been doing some cross-linking to let you who don’t follow that feed know when new stuff appears over there.

Well, at long last, I have finished all the metrics posts. The final post is … (drum roll, please):

I’ve also put together a comprehensive index post, basically because I needed a single location to find all the work that went into the NSO Quant process. Check it out, it’s actually kind of scary to see how much work went into this series. 47 posts. Oy!

Finally, I’m in the process of assembling the final NSO Quant report, and that means I’m analyzing the survey data right now. If you want to have a chance at the iPad, you’ll need to fill out the survey (you must complete the entire survey to be eligible), by tomorrow at 5pm ET. We’ll keep the survey open beyond that, but the iPad will be gone.

Given the size of the main document – 60+ pages – I will likely split out the actual metrics model into a stand-alone spreadsheet, so that and the final report should be posted within two weeks.