For those of you who don’t want to read the full post, we’re changing our feeds. Click here to subscribe to the new feed with all the content you are used to. Our existing blog feed will include ‘highlights’ only as of next week.

Back when I started this blog, it was nothing more than my own personal site to rant and rave about the security industry, cleaning litter boxes, and hippies (they suck). Since then we have added a bunch of people and a ton of content.

But more isn’t always better, despite what those Enzyte commercials say. At least not for everyone. A couple months ago I was looking at our feed and realized we might be overloading everyone with all the content. Especially when we are running multiple deep research projects as series of long posts. We asked a few people (you know – Twitter), and the general conclusion was that some people preferred only seeing our lighter posts, while others enjoyed the insight into all our major research.

We try to please everyone, so we decided to make some changes to the site, what we write, and our feeds:

  1. We realized we weren’t posting as much on the latest news as we used to, because that was landing in the Incite or the Friday Summary. We are going back to the way we used to do things, and will return to daily news/events analysis. We’ll be putting most of the vendor/market oriented snark into the Incite, with what we call “drive-by posts” focusing more on what security practitioners might be interested in.
  2. We have split the site into two views – the Highlights view will contain the Firestarter, Incite, Friday Summary, and general posts and analysis. The Complete view adds Project Quant and all our heavy/deep research. Most of our big multipart series are moving into the Complete feed (for example, the current React Faster and Better series on monitoring and incident response). To be honest, we hope most of you stick with the complete content, because we really appreciate public review of all our research. We will still highlight important parts of these projects in the Highlights view, just not every post.
  3. We made the same split in our RSS feeds. The current feed will become the Highlights feed next week. If you want to switch to the highlights, you don’t need to change anything. For everything, subscribe to the Complete feed (available immediately).

That’s it. We’re making a big effort to ramp our daily analysis back up while still producing the deep research we’ve been more focused on lately. With the view and feed splits, we hope to meet your needs better.

As always, please send us any feedback. And since I made the code changes myself, odds are high that it’s all broken now anyway.

The Research Library feed still exists, for all our substantive completed content, organized by topic so you don’t have to search for it.