The Network Security Podcast, Episode 156

By Rich

Martin is off in Japan this week, so I’m joined by our good friend Amrit Williams from BigFix and the Techbuddha blog. Amrit and I start off by talking about the rolling blackouts in California and disaster preparedness, before jumping into the week’s security news.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 156
Time:  41:28

Show Notes:

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Re: Rohde: This is a case that makes me reassess my normal belief in free information and concern about control of information.

On the other hand, he was kidnapped while working for the Times in November 2008, and he escaped without NY Times assistance in June 2009, so their censorship efforts don’t seem to have helped Rohde any.

Perhaps the Taliban would have killed him for having written for the Christian Science Monitor, or didn’t know who they kidnapped and held for over half a year. Neither seems very likely, but I suppose they’re possible. So what did the Times really accomplish?

By reppep

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