Really? It’s that time again? Time to prepare for the onslaught that is the RSA Conference. Well, we’re 5 weeks out, which means Clubber Lang was exactly right.

My Prediction? Pain!

Pain in your head, and likely a sick feeling in your stomach and ringing in your ears. All induced by an inability to restrain your consumption when surrounded by oodles of fellow security geeks and free drinks. Who said going to that party in the club with music at 110 decibels was a good idea?

But rest easy – we’re here for you. Once again, with the help of our friends at ThreatPost, SchwartzMSL and Kulesa Faul, we will be holding our Disaster Recovery Breakfast to cure what ales you (or ails you, but I think my version is more accurate).

As always, the breakfast will be Thursday morning from 8-11 at Jillian’s in the Metreon. It’s an open door – come and leave as you want. We’ll have food, beverages, and assorted recovery items to ease your day (non-prescription only).

Remember what the DR Breakfast is all about. No marketing, no spin, just a quiet place to relax and have muddled conversations with folks you know, or maybe even go out on a limb and meet someone new. After three nights of RSA Conference shenanigans, it’s an oasis in a morass of hyperbole, booth babes, and tchotchke hunters.

Invite below. See you there. To help us estimate numbers please RSVP to