2015 DRB, the be careful what you wish for edition

There seems to something missing for us Securosis folks now that it’s the beginning of March. After some reflection we realized it’s that dull ache in our livers from surviving yet another RSA Conference. The show organizers had to move the conference to April this year, to ensure a full takeover of San Francisco. Regardless of when the conference is, there is one thing you can definitely count on: the DRB!

That’s right – once again Securosis and friends are hosting our RSA Conference Disaster Recovery Breakfast. This is the seventh year for this event, and we are considering delivering a bloody head to Jillian’s in homage to Se7en. Maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea – it might ruin our appetites. Though given how big the DRB has become, we probably should consider tactics to cut back – we pay for insane amounts of bacon.

Kidding aside, we are grateful that so many of our friends, clients, and colleagues enjoy a couple hours away from the glitzy show floor and club scene that is now the RSAC. By Thursday, if you’re anything like us, you will be a disaster and need to kick back, have some conversations at a normal decibel level, and grab a nice breakfast. Did we mention there will be bacon?

With the continued support of MSLGROUP and Kulesa Faul, as well as our new partner LEWIS PR, we are happy to provide an oasis in a morass of hyperbole, booth babes, and tchotchke hunters.

As always, the breakfast will be Thursday morning from 8-11 at Jillian’s in the Metreon. It’s an open door – come and leave as you want. We will have food, beverages, and assorted recovery items (non-prescription only) to ease your day. Yes, the bar will be open – Mike gets very grumpy if a mimosa is not waiting for him on arrival (and every 10 minutes thereafter).

Remember what the DR Breakfast is all about. No marketing, no spin, just a quiet place to relax and have muddled conversations with folks you know, or maybe even go out on a limb and meet someone new. After three nights of RSA Conference shenanigans, we are confident you will enjoy the DRB as much as we do.

See you there.

To help us estimate numbers, please RSVP to rsvp (at) securosis (dot) com.