Things have been good in security. Really good. For a really long time. We can remember when there were a couple hundred people that showed up for the RSA Conference. Then a couple thousand. Now **over 40,000 people** descend on San Francisco to check out this security thing. There are hundreds of companies talking cyber. VC money has flowed for years, funding pretty much anything cyber. Cyber cyber cyber.

But alas, being middle-aged fellows, we know that all good things come to an end. OK, maybe not an end, but certainly a hiccup or two. Is 2019 the year we see the security market slow a bit? Is there a reckoning upon us, as [we hypothesized on a recent Firestarter]( Will we finally be able to get a room at any of the hotels in SF during RSA week? We at Securosis tend to be a lot better at figuring out market direction than timing. But we aren’t taking any chances.

So our plan is to party it up while we still can. And that means hosting the Disaster Recovery Breakfast once again. We can’t promise that Brutus will make an appearance, but Rich, Adrian, and Mike will certainly be there. And you’ll also be able to check out the progress we’ve made at [DisruptOps]( It’s pretty astounding if we do say so ourselves. It seems scaling cloud security and operations continues to be challenging for folks. Shocker!


We remain grateful that so many of our friends, clients, and colleagues enjoy a couple hours away from the insanity that is the RSAC. By Thursday it’s very nice to have a place to kick back, have some quiet conversations, and grab a nice breakfast. Or don’t talk to anyone at all and embrace your introvert – we get that too.

The DRB happens only because of the support of our long-time supporters [CHEN PR](, [LaunchTech](, [CyberEdge Group](, and our media partner [Security Boulevard]( We’re excited to welcome [Guyer Group]( and [Babel PR]( to the family as well. Please make sure to say hello and thank them for helping support your recovery.

As always the breakfast will be Thursday morning of RSA Week (**March 7**) from 8-11 at [Tabletop Tap House]( in the Metreon (fka Jillian’s). It’s an open door – come and leave as you want. We will have food, beverages, and assorted non-prescription recovery items to ease your day. Yes, the bar will be open. Mike has officially become an old guy and can only drink decaf coffee (high blood pressure, sigh), but you can be sure there will be a little something-something in his Joe.

Please remember what the DR Breakfast is all about. No spin, no magicians and Rich will not be in his Star Wars costume (we think) -– it’s just a quiet place to relax and have muddled conversations with folks you know, or maybe even go out on a limb and meet someone new. We are confident you will enjoy the DRB as much as we do.

To help us estimate numbers, please RSVP to rsvp (at) securosis (dot) com.