What a long, strange trip it’s been over the last 3 years. In fact, the last time I saw many of you was at the last Disaster Recovery Breakfast in 2020. Within two weeks of that event, the world shut down due to COVID. Well, a lot has changed since then. DisruptOps was acquired by Firemon in September 2021. In early 2022, Rich decided he wanted to see our cloud security vision through and dedicate his full-time efforts to the Cloud Defense product. In July of 2022, I decided to partner with Alan Shimel and Mitch Ashley and join Techstrong as head of the research business. We still do cloud security training and house our cloud security content in Securosis, but we’ve both moved on.

Our long-time venue for the DRB, Jillian’s (then TableTop Tap House) in San Fransisco, didn’t survive the pandemic. They went out of business in early 2022 and took our deposit for the 2022 DRB with them. Ouch. But given the lack of venues and the rescheduling of the RSA Conference to June 2022, we couldn’t pull off the breakfast last year.

But this year, we are back. But it’s different. We have a different venue, which is The Pink Elephant (142 Minna St). We have a different organizer, which is now Techstrong and our Security Boulevard site. We have mostly the same sponsors, so we need to thank our pals at IANS, LaunchTech, and AimPoint Group. Their support is critical.

So yes, we’ve had a changing of the guard. But what isn’t different is breakfast. It’s still a place where you can grab some breakfast and see some friends without the pomp and circumstance of a major conference.

We hope to see you there.