This is just too good.

A friend who recently moved from the business side to the IT side just reported this.

They work at a large hospital. A significant portion of the clinical staff never changed their default passwords, which just happened to be the same as their login. Convenient, eh? Nice to see HIPAA at work.

But this is the best part. Someone in IT “made a configuration mistake” and everyone was forced to update their passwords.

The help desk has been taking calls all week. Seems most of the users remember their new password, but still can’t get in.

You ask why dear readers?

Because they are now entering their new passwords as their user names, and their password. Yes, they all assumed that their user names and passwords are always the same, and changing one automatically changes the other.

Huh. Think about that one for a minute. I suppose it makes sense in some kind of warped way.

If it makes you feel better, this is in the surgical unit.