Securosis, L.L.C. is a security consulting practice dedicated to thought leadership, objectivity, and transparency. Our consultants have all held executive level positions and are dedicated to providing the highest value strategic consulting available.

We provide services in four main areas:

  • Publishing and Speaking: including independent, objective whitepapers, webcasts, and in-person presentations.
  • Strategic Consulting for Vendors: including market and product analysis and strategy, technology guidance, product evaluations, and merger and acquisition assessments.
  • Strategic Consulting for End Users: including product selection assistance, technology and architecture strategy, education, and security management evaluations, and risk assessments.
  • Investor Consulting: including product and market evaluations, available in conjunction with deep product assessments with our research partners.

Our clients range from stealth startups to some of the most well known technology vendors and end users. Clients include large financial institutions, institutional investors, startups, mid-sized enterprises, and major security vendors.

Securosis is partnered with security testing labs to provide unique product evaluations that combine in-depth technical analysis with high level product, architecture, and market analysis.