Earlier today I had a bit of a shock when our fearless editor Chris Pepper congratulated me on our 500th post. I started this blog just under two years ago to test the waters of this whole new media thing. Much to my surprise, almost exactly a year after that I took the plunge, quit a heck of a good job, and turned Securosis into a company, not just a place for my random rants. Over that time Chris joined me as editor, and David Mortman as an occasional contributor.

Today we’re taking the next big step as Adrian Lane joins me on the business side of Securosis, L.L.C. as our Senior Security Strategist. That’s right, I just officially doubled the size of our full time staff.

Adrian is the former CTO of IPLocks and has a long history in the security industry as both a CTO and VP of Engineering for various companies. We met about four years ago on one of my analyst gigs, and it didn’t take long to realize that despite our different backgrounds, we shared many elements of a common vision of information centric security. Adrian’s been a frequent commenter on this blog since the start, and lives only a few miles from me just outside of Phoenix. When I found out he was on the market and thinking of moving into consulting, there was no way in heck I was going to pass on the opportunity. He has deep technical skills and an intuitive understanding of markets, product development, and the big picture.

For our existing clients, Adrian is available as a resource on current contracts and for new engagements. He’ll be a regular contributor to the blog and we’re working on some new, exciting content. He previously blogged over here if you’d like to check out his other content.

Prepare yourselves for the flood of juicy information-centric goodness!

And did I mention he’s friends with Hoff? Yeah, we should probably hold that against him.