Have a security question? Want a straight answer? Even if you’re not a geek?

I get a random assortment of security questions on a fairly regular basis and it seems like a good time to open the blog up a little more to covering what you’re interested in, not just what I feel like rambling about.

I’m thus starting a new series of posts- “Ask Securosis”. Once a week I’ll put up a post soliciting questions. You can either email me your question, or put a response in the comments. I’ll pick one a week to answer and try and pop it up on Fridays.

If I can’t answer the question, I’ll find someone who can.

Questions can be anything security related- from the simple (what should I use at home?) to the complex (what’s your recommended architecture for xxx). You can stay anonymous in the comments, and if you email me I won’t reveal your identity unless you want me to.

And now for our first answer…