I’m pretty angry right now.

I just went to vote in the primary. In hand was my driver’s license and voter ID card. Because the addresses didn’t match, I wasn’t allowed to vote until I showed another form of ID with matching addresses. I, of course, didn’t have one. None of the materials mailed to us or displayed in our polling place mention this requirement.

The thing about AZ is that our licenses don’t expire for a really long time, and as long as you register your new address with the state they don’t re-issue your license. Thus, the odds are very high you’ll have an ID with a different address than where you live.

Digging through the car we found the sample ballots mailed to us. It turns out anything with your name and address on it, including utility bills, is considered a valid ID. They let us skip the line and vote.

From a security perspective this does nothing to reduce voter fraud. Most of the illegals in the area who are willing to risk registering and trying to vote can easily produce a utility bill, and that combined with the voter ID card mailed to them will work just fine. Pretending to be someone else? I suppose you could pull that off, but you’d know the ID requirement and their name going in and could easily fake it.

I won’t go all civil-liberties on you and talk about how these ID requirements are generally class warfare.

We did get to vote, but perhaps any of you legal types out there will have fun with this hidden requirement, never mentioned in any materials mailed or posted.

The poll workers were very frustrated with the requirement. They informed us most people had an updated vehicle registration of insurance card they could scrounge up, and nearly everyone was allowed to vote. Needless to say, we’ll be filing a complaint.