Just a quick note that I just published an article over at TidBITS called The Ghost in My FileVault. It’s a tale of terror from a recent trip to Asia. Here’s an excerpt:

All men have fears. Many fear those physical threats wired into our souls through millions of years of surviving this harsh world. Fears of heights, confinement, venomous creatures, darkness, or even the ultimate fear of becoming prey can paralyze the strongest and bravest of our civilization. These are not my fears. I climb, crawl, jump, battle, and explore this world; secure in my own skills. My fears are not earthly fears. My fears are not those of the natural world. This is a story of confronting my greatest terror, living to tell the tale, and wondering if the threat is really over. The tale starts, as they always do, on a dark and stormy night.

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(Here’s a quick link to my tutorial on using FileVault)