We may not run our own events, but we managed to trick the folks at Information Security Magazine/SearchSecurity into letting us take over the content at the Insider Data Threats seminar in San Francisco.

The reason this is so cool is that it allowed us to plan out an entire day of data-protection goodness with a series of interlocked presentations that build directly on each other. Instead of a random collection from different presenters on different topics, all our sessions build together to provide deep actionable advice.

And did I mention it’s free?

Mike Rothman and I will be delivering all the content, and here’s the day’s structure:

  1. Involuntary Case Studies in Data Security: We dig into the headlines and show you how real breaches happen, using real names.
  2. Introduction to Pragmatic Data Security: This session lays the foundation for the rest of the day by introducing the Pragmatic Data Security process and the major management and technology components you’ll use to protect your organization’s information.
  3. Network and Endpoint Security for Data Protection: We’ll focus on the top recommendations for using network and endpoint security to secure the data, not just… um… networks and endpoints.
  4. Quick Wins with Data Loss Prevention, Encryption, and Tokenization: This session shows the best ways to derive immediate value from three of the hottest data protection technologies out there.
  5. Building Your Data Security Program: In our penultimate session we tie all the pieces together and show you how to take a programatic approach, rather than merely buying and implementing a bunch of disconnected pieces of technology.
  6. Stump the Analysts: We’ll close the day with a free-for-all battle royale. Otherwise known as “an extended Q&A session”.

There’s no charge for the event if you qualify to attend – only a couple short sponsor sessions and a sponsors area. Our sessions target the management level, but in some places we will dig deep into key technology issues.

Overall this is a bit of experiment for both us and SearchSecurity, so please sign up and we’ll see you in SF!