Like many frequent travelers, I tend to rely on sleeping pills to help me out with the jetlag. One 30 pill prescription for Ambien CR usually lasts me about 9 months, and definitely gets the job done.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me any smarter. I accidentally left my little friends at my last hotel, and with a tight travel schedule there’s no way they’ll catch up to me. Fortunately, I’m in Australia.

The concierge at the hotel pointed me to the doctor’s office across the street. I walked in and they apologized that there would be a long wait- maybe an entire 30 minutes. This is without an appointment people; my last personal doc usually kept me waiting AT LEAST that long even WITH an appointment.

The appointment itself was short, but since I don’t have the national healthcare I had to pay for the visit and the prescription they gave me on the spot. Only $68 for the visit and pills, and it would have been free if I lived here. (Yes, this particular trip is nasty enough it was worth the price). This is the second time I’ve had to use the healthcare system while traveling here and my last experience was pretty much the same, except I was actually sick then.

We watched Sicko a few weeks ago and it really hammered home how messed up our system is. Experiencing healthcare in other countries only reinforces our disfunction.

Only 6 days till home!