Nope, not the lifeguard dude. Someone a bit more interesting. I bet that Night Rider dude never climbed Kilimanjaro despite some serious leg injuries.

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Chris Hoff wins the official award for “Best Host for Security Geeks in Boston”. I rolled in Tueday night and after an excellent dinner we won a secondary award for “Worst Dressed in the Hotel Bar at Midnight”. He followed this up by letting me tag along to BeanSec over in Cambridge, where I also got to catch up with Mike Murray.

The life of a road warrior can get a bit lonely at times; it was great to spend two nights hanging with my peers in casual environments rather than catching up on Dancing with the Stars or Armed and Famous. BeanSec was pretty cool, and I’m thinking we need something similar in Phoenix. PHXSec?

Thanks Chris- hopefully I’ll get the chance to return the favor someday…