I’m really hurting today. And it’s not a hangover.

As I think I’ve mentioned before I’m back into martial arts after a 2 year gap (the result of moving across state lines and getting married). It’s pretty amazing how much you can forget when you take a 2 year break from anything.

What’s worse is that your body forgets more than your brain. All those synaptic connections go dormant, if they haven’t withered and died. The weird thing is it’s a strange mix of what’s left at the end. Timing, focus, and distancing are gone. Some physical techniques are still there, or maybe half there.

Yet my brain still thinks I’m a black belt. It still charges in expecting to emerge victorious.

Yeah, right. If anything, I’m more dangerous. I still have some skills, but that bit of rust and amorphic muscular response makes me feel like that bug dude in Men in Black. I’m more scared about accidentally hurting someone than anything else. I figure it will take me at least a year or more of training to feel normal again.

I’m sure there’s some general lesson on life hidden in here, but I’m in too much pain to really think about it.

*Farnum- never take a break. Trust me.