I am teaching another cloud security class for Black Hat. There are two classes, one on December 9-10, and the other December 11-12.

This class covers the CCSK certificate requirements and includes a test token to sit the exam (online).

But we maintain the CCSK courseware, and it is time to try out some updated material. Specifically:

  • We are streamlining the lecture day to reduce cruft and generally clean up the slides.
  • We have even more real-world examples of how to get things done, based on our ongoing research.
  • The labs are being updated for changes at Amazon Web Services.
  • We are bringing more advanced material, as we did in Black Hat Vegas.

The advanced material is not part of the core course, and we only get to it after the normal training requirements. It is an extension of the material I wrote about in the Software Defined Security paper.

This class also qualifies as a Train the Trainer course, with some additional online training we offer for free after the class proper.

If you want to become an instructor and sign up for this class, please email me and let me know ahead of time.

Thanks, and hope to see you in Seattle!