It was kind of a joke between two friends on a journey to become better people. Jen Minella (JJ) and I compared notes over way too many drinks at last year’s RSA, and we decided our experiences would make a good talk. I doubt either of us really thought it would be interesting to anyone but us. We were wrong.

At RSA we will do a session called “Neuro-hacking 101: Taming Your Inner Curmudgeon”. Here is the description:

For self-proclaimed security curmudgeons and anyone else searching for better work/life balance, this session is a how-to guide for happiness, health and finding a paths to increased productivity. Case studies, methods and research in the science of mind and body are followed up with resources and ways to get started. From neuroscience to nutrition, there’s something for everyone.

JJ summed up her thoughts on the pitch, and I feel pretty much the same way.

And so today, I’m overjoyed, a little relieved, excited at the opportunity, and yet at the same time a big piece of me is completely mortified. This talk, although founded in science, is a big lift of ol’ virtual skirt. It’s a talk about being happy, getting a grip on life, and using mindfulness to succeed and excel at everything you do. We do not pass go, we do not collect $200. Instead, we’re taking a nose dive into traditionally taboo topics and expose what many consider to be deportments of an intimate and personal nature. But we reached a mutual conclusion – how we think and communicate about the topics of mindfulness shouldn’t be secreted. There’s no shame in participating in activities (or inactivity) designed to make us better, happier, more productive people.

I don’t wear a virtual skirt, but it is a bit scary to provide a view into the inner workings of my improvement processes to be less grumpy and more content with all I have achieved. I’ve talked about some of those topics in past Incites, but never to this degree. And that’s good. No, it’s great. Hope to see you there.