This is a corporate news post, so skip it if all you want is our usual snarky security analysis.

For the first time since starting Securosis we are increasing our prices. Yes, it has been over seven years without any change in pricing for our services. The new prices are only a modest bump, and also streamlined to remove the uncertainty of travel expenses on engagements. Call it ego, but we think we are a heck of a bargain.

This only affects speaking/strategy days and retainers. Papers, Securosis Project Accelerator workshops, and one-off projects aren’t changing.

  • Strategy day pricing stays the same at $6,000, but we are adding in $1,000 for travel expenses and will no longer bill travel separately (total of $7,000 for a strategy day or speaking engagement which involves travel).
  • Webcasts stay the same, at $5,000 if we don’t need to travel.
  • Our retainer rates are increasing slightly, around $2-3K each, with $2,000 also being added to our Platinum plan to cover the travel for the two included strategy days:
    • $10K for Silver.
    • $15K for Gold.
    • $25K for Platinum.

The new pricing goes into effect immediately for all new clients and renewals.

As a reminder, for our papers we offer licenses, not sponsorship, so nothing has changed there. Securosis Project Accelerators (our focused end-user workshops for SaaS providers, enterprise cloud security, security management, network security, and database/big data security) are still $10,000. We do have some other workshops in the… works for next year, so if you are interested in another topic just ask.

If you have any other questions, just go ahead and email. Service levels remain the same. You can only blame yourselves for keeping us so darn busy.