We are in the process of finalizing some research planning for the next few months, so I want to see if there are any requests for research out there.

First, here are some papers we anticipate completing over the next 3 months:

  • Understanding and Selecting a Database Encryption or Tokenization Solution
  • Understanding and Selecting a Database Assessment Solution
  • Project Quant for Database Security
  • Quick Wins with DLP
  • Pragmatic Data Security
  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Endpoint Security Fundamentals
  • Understanding and Selecting a SIEM/Log Management Product
  • Understanding and Implementing Network Segregation
  • Data Security for the Cloud

Some of these are sponsored, some aren’t, and all will be released for free under a Creative Commons license.

But we’d also like to know if there are any areas you’d like to see us develop. What the heck – since we give it away for free, you might as well take advantage of us. The one area we aren’t ready to cover yet is identity management, but anything else is open.

Seriously – use us. We like it. Oh, yeah.