Mr. Rothman was concerned that Mr. Hoff may, perhaps, have a little too much spare time on his hands. I’ve seen Senior Hoff at work, and he definitely isn’t winning any Slacker of the Year awards. I personally have a theory that he’s really just the earthly expression of a multidimensional being beyond our comprehension.

Chris definitely outdid himself on this post. A short excerpt,

(Read to the cadence of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas) Remember when firewalls were firewalls, my friend? it suggested our security problems would end. They promised the perimeter breach to abate, but alas became products we just loved to hate. The attackers got smarter, and the exploits malicious, the perimeter’s holes made the threatscape pernicious. Sadly the breaches were never quite stopped, whilst we measured our value in per packets dropped! (read the rest here)