We had a killer episode of the Network Security Podcast this week as Jeremiah Grossman and Robert “Rsnake” Hansen joined us to talk a bit about their new clickjacking exploit. I definitely had some fun on this one, even though Jeremiah and Robert couldn’t dig too deeply into the details.

We also managed to sneak in a bit on open source voting, and the top 10 ways to know you’ve been exploited.

But mostly, you want to hear is making fun of each other.

This was also one of our first episodes we streamed live. Although we record at irregular times, we plan on live streaming as much as we can. Just keep an eye on us on twitter (rmogull or netsecpodcast) for a few hours warning if you want to listen in and harass us over IM.

You can download the episode here, and full show notes are at NetSecPodcast.com.