You might have noticed I haven’t been blogging much for a couple months. That’s because I’m spending nearly every waking hour on our training class for the Cloud Security Alliance. This is a pretty big deal for us and I’m psyched it’s almost finished.

The class is the Cloud Computing Security Knowledge course, tied to the CCSK certification.

I just checked, and we have about 10 slots left for the first full class we’ll be giving June 8-9 at the eBay North campus. You can sign up online. This version is evolved and seriously revised from our February test class at RSA.

Actually, it is now three classes:

  1. CCSK Basic: A one-day lecture to cover the core material and prepare you for the CCSK exam. This is close to what we delivered at RSA, a firehose of material on all things cloud security – from defining the cloud, to encryption models, to IAM.
  2. CCSK Plus: This includes the first day, then adds a day of additional lecture and hands-on activities. This is what’s killing my time, and where we get into the meat of cloud security. We start with threat models, move into creating and securing EC2 instances (and understanding the EC2 security model), encrypting EBS volumes, building an application infrastructure with availability and security zones, building an OpenStack cloud, IAM, and so on. It’s designed so you don’t need to be a tech god, but there’s room to explore for those of you with stronger skills who don’t want to get bored. And be honest: how many of you have installed MySQL in an encrypted EBS volume?
  3. Train the Trainer: Yes, you can get certified to teach the class yourself (note that you’ll need to sign an agreement with the CSA). This is a third day to go into more depth, including walking through all the scripts and tech used in the class, how to set up your instructor system, and deeper Q&A on the material.

The class is pretty broad, but we do get as in-depth as we can in the limited time. And not to worry, we’ll be hitting the road with it soon, and we know a bunch of training organizations will also be picking it up.