Back when I started this blog one of the only security blogs I knew about was Martin McKeay’s Network Security Blog. As can happen in the blogging community, Martin and I eventually got in touch and developed a friendship. Heck, anyone I’ve gone drinking with in 3 different cities in less than a year is definitely a friend.

With my return to blogging last week Martin invited me to join him on his podcast- as a guest host, not a guest. You can check it out here, or subscribe through iTunes.

This week was mostly an introduction and our first attempt at joint podcasting. We spend a little time talking about point of sale terminal security, and a bit more time talking about the value of a CISSP certification (Martin changed my opinion a bit while we were recording). I have a short introduction on communicating with executives, and the podcast finishes up with an interview Martin did with Winn Schwartau.

We’re planning on doing more of these, so please send your feedback. We know this week clocks in a little long, and we already have some ideas to improve the format.

Check it out here: Network Security Podcast, Episode 75