When Brian Krebs sent me a link to his latest article on illegal pharmacy networks my only response was:

Holy friggin’ awesomesauce!!!

Brian got his hands on 9GB of financial records for what is likely the world’s biggest online spammer/illegal pharmacy network:

In total, these promoters would help Glavmed sell in excess of 1.5 million orders from more than 800,000 consumers who purchased knockoff prescription drugs between May 2007 and June 2010. All told, Glavmed generated revenues of at least $150 million.

Brian told me this is merely the first of a lengthy series he is putting together as he digs through the data and performs additional research. This is true investigative reporting, folks.

Here’s why I think this could be a watershed moment in computer crime. While this may only be the books for a big criminal pharmacy, it shows all the linkages to other corners of the global criminal networks. Spammers, black hat hackers, SEO, money launderers… it’s probably in there. Especially once Brian correlates with his other sources.

He did answer one little question I’ve always had… do they actual send people the little blue pills?

Yep. And Brian has the shipping records to prove it.