As I may have mentioned, we moved into a new home about 3 weeks ago.

This isn’t the first home I’ve owned, so either things have changed since I bought my last house, or it’s different when you buy a new build. According to our postal carrier, we’ve been getting mail here since long before we moved in. Technically before we knew our physical address (we just had a lot number). What kind of mail you ask?


Landscapers. Blinds. Water treatment. Closets. Garage organization. You name it, we got it.

Now most of that you get pretty much anywhere, but there’s one kind of snail-mail SPAM that’s really pissing me off.

Mortgage stuff. A lot of it. Mostly predatory “mortgage insurance”. “What happens if you or your wife lose your ability to work?” garbage. My favorites are the “mortgage cancellation” programs. “You are not taking advantage of your mortgage cancellation program, contact us immediately”.

Cancel my mortgage? Works for me, You gonna pay?

What’s annoying is that all of these “services” know who my lender is, and the amount of my mortgage. I figure either my lender probably sold us out, or maybe it’s a subscription service from a credit service.

Either way, I figure there must be enough idiots out there for this stuff to work. Snail mail, while cheap, isn’t nearly as cheap as email, and this stuff has to show some kind of returns.

Sigh. Where there’s prey, there’s predators.